From 7/9-7/13/2011 In undertook the Iron Butt Association 100 CCC Insanity endurance riding challenge. This requires the rider to run from coast to coast to coast in less than 100 hours. My route took me from Folly Beach, SC to San Diego, CA and back. Sprinkled in here were the Bun Burner Gold 1500 (1500 miles in less that 24 hours), and the Saddlesore 2000 Gold (2000 miles in less than 36 hours). In planning for something this epic, my chief concerns were sleep deprivation and dehydration, as much of this run was through the desert southwest in July. Ugh! The Hog Trough was my solution of choice for the dehydration piece. The simplicity of design, the capacity of the container, and it’s insulating properties were what attracted me. As it turned out, this was the perfect solution for my needs. I could load the “sippy” cup with ice and Gatorade and sip on it for each 2 hour fuel run. Reloading at every fuel stop I was able to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes throughout the 5012 miles it took to accomplish this challenge. For the record, I was successful in meeting all of my goals. This would not have been possible without my Hog Trough. Thank you for designing an elegant solution to meet an urgent need!