I’ve had junk dangling off my bars for years and I knew I had a problem when my wife started shaking her head in disbelief. As part of my deliverance and cleansing, most of the gadgets were replaced with the the 2017 FLHTK’s most awesome Boom! system. The last dangling participles of ugliness were my cell phone and drink holder – both RAM mounts that made their way off my prior Gl1800. To get rid of the phone mount, I decided to keep the phone in the trunk. Done. Next, drink holder.

Luckily, I stumbled across this site while searching for different mounts and was impressed with the ease of installation and quality. The mount + right side cover arrived within days of ordering and now, my bars are completely free of distractions. I purchased the Left Mount + Right Cover w/ the barrel locks.

Thank you Hog Trough for showing me the light!